Business and Corporate


At the Business and Corporate Department of the Samson Law Office, we are committed to utilizing the expertise at our disposal to provide legal guidance that is customized to meet the needs of your business venture. We are well aware of the numerous legal issues faced by business owners and entrepreneurs on their journey towards success.  We are here to help make the complex legal environment of today's business world appear more manageable.   We take satisfaction in knowing that by doing so, we are creating freedom - the freedom for you to focus on what inspires you - growing and developing your business - rather than worrying about the legal intricacies that affect your business.

The Samson Law Office can assist you from start to finish. We know that every step of the way, there is something to think about - there are decisions to be made and there are problems to be solved.   Listed below are some of the recurrent issues that the Samson Law Office and its Clients work together to find efficient and productive solutions for:

  • Financial Transactions
  • Business Formation - Choice and Formation of Legal Entity
  • Organizing and Structuring the Business
  • Buying and Selling a Business
  • Contracts For Specific Business Needs
  • International Commerce and Trade
  • Regulatory Compliance - Federal, State and Local
  • Management, Operations and Employee Administration
  • Business Immigration
  • International Trade
    • International Business Transactions
    • Export and Import Consulting
    • U.S. Customs Service Matters
    • Business Process Outsourcing